The Principle of Ninja Super Food


Representing Ninja Agility and Strength

Where is Ninja Power coming from?

Ninja Super Food Supports to Reduce Stress for Smart Agility and increase Stamina for Strength of Your Healthy Life

Ninja Natural Foods keep Ninja agile, strong and cool!!! 




  • Ninja was often demanded to work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year Ninja.
  • Food must be something natural that can duel long for Ninja to stay agile, stealthy and smart for secretive missions. 
  • Given this fact, everything about eating was a discipline for their mission achievement.
  • Therefore, the diet was crucial and very particular about food intake.

How do you fuel long, stay agile and smart?

Ninja- Shinobi proper as a specially trained spy and fighting mercenary appeared particularly from the first Samurai age starting from the 10th century.

They were raised with specially developed Ninja nutrition discipline of traditional cereals, fruits, herbs, seafood obtained from deep forests, mountains and oceans. 

The Concept of Ninja Super Food 

Ninja Super Food is focused on wellness, skin and anti-aging health related natural foods, drinks, supplements and cosmetics based on the Japan’s tradition of ancient ninja lifestyles.

Majority of foods traditionally consumed by ninja are:
Millet, whole-grain rice, wheat, other grains, potatoes, Mushrooms, mulberries,  chestnuts, sweet chestnuts, nutmeg, pine nuts, indigenous roots & herbs, Quail eggs, crystal sugar, oats, sesame, umeboshi, lotus, suguri berries, cinnamon, sunflower seed, mountain yam, ginseng,  sticky rice, fishes, sea shells, squids, kelps, wild meats, etc.