Ninja Dry Natto

Ninja dry natto contains 2000 FU nattokinase 
Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-GMO



Ninja dried Natto is made dried from original raw natto. These raw wet natto made from boiled soy beans processed with the fermentation of natto bacteria have been consumed as traditional foods since the 7th century in Japan. Dried Natto is one of the most nutritious foods consumed by Ninja for thousand years as the supplement called Hyorogan*
*Hyorogan= Highly Nutritious portable preserved food for Ninja.   



  • Ninja Dry Natto is a traditional functional food made by drying Japanese sticky fermented natto in the sun. The product naturally made without any additives, preservatives or coloring agents.


  • NinjaDry Natto contains natto nutrients such as nattokinase, soy isoflavones, polyamines, vitamins and minerals. A soy proteins containing polyamine which supports to prevent aging and arteriosclerosis


  • Ninja Dry Natto is a good source of oligo polysaccharides playing the role of prebiotics in the human intestines.

Delicious and Nutritious Ninja Dried Natto:

Because it is dry processed, it can be stored for a relatively long time, and it is different from raw natto!
You can enjoy the crispy texture.

Dry natto contains abundant nutrients such as soy protein, dietary fibers, isoflabones and nattokinase, lecithin, vitamin K, linoleic acid. (It's called the field meat) .

Raw natto is hard to eat for the first time eater as it is sticky and smelling because of natto kinase enzyme fermentation which enhance the production of probiotics.

When Ninja Dried Natto is dried by special but natural water extraction method,
you can enjoy to eat crispy delicious with plenty of minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, selenium with the abundance of Vitamin K2.

Ninja Dry Natto 

Retail price: $18/box (10g x10bags) 

Ninja Dry Natto is made from a traditional Japanese soybeans fermented into wet natto with Bacillus subtilis- Probiotic bacteria strain.

They are just as good eaten as a snack or breakfast or lunch.
Free from GMO . Good for vegetarian.

Non GMO, Gluten Free and Lectin Free.   Good for Vegetarian