Is Japanese food viewed as being one the healthiest in the world ?


Japanese have been eating fiber rice with barley millet, with miso soup, fermented natto, lots of fishes, etc for a couple thousand years.

  • Japanese have been eating simple and poor foods?

The obesity rate in American adults has been rising from 30.5% in the year 1999 – 2000 since the turn of the century. In the year from 2015 – 2016 it reached updating the worst level of 39.6%.

The ratio of BMI of 30 or more of the American population of 18 years or older in the whole American population is 33%, which is the 10 times higher than that of the Japanese population.


Japan has the lowest obesity in the world which is only 3% comparing to French 11% and America 32%.

  • Average BMI of Japanese is 23.6 for men and 22.5 for women. Those average BMIs for men and women figured out during the Samurai period are a little higher due to the growth of the height of modern Japanese in the last 50 years.

 The average of life expectancy of Japanese is 
87.32 years for female and 81.25 for male.